How to get recruited as a storyline writer?

Recently I’ve been trying to find a way to collaborate with other developers since that’s the only thing a lore/storyline writer like me can do. I’ve already made a portfolio and searched through the recruitment category, but I find nothing. I don’t know how to find recruitment as a lore writer without the usage of Discord or other social media platforms due to other reasons. I’m not only writing this for myself, but to help other lore writers trying to find work. People can be discouraged by not finding work for their desired category. Any support heavily appreciated!

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I think the Lore writers are the one who develop the game, so I don’t think you will have succes. Without social media? No, you atleast need Discord.

That will be hard because people do not really hire storyline writers. The owner or developer at least will write the story. If they hired someone to do it, there will be many flaws and parts that they dislike in it.

Not all jobs require discord.