How to get rid of 4 hours icon/thumbnail review?

Icon/thumbnail for the game is for review for more than 4 hours, which impact on game visits


I have tried to reupload, still no results, never had such issues.
Is that a bug or something?
Another icon is also under review, looks like shadowban or something?


6 hours under review, any game and any icon, lets go…


probably roblox moderation being slow. stop reuploading and give it a day. this happened to me and i just waited a really long time.


Instead of uploading the image to the main game, upload it to a testing game. Like this, the image will get verified and when uploading it to the main game (after moderation passes on the test game), it will instantly be accepted.

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You won’t believe me, but the best way to upload, is when roblox office is closed, because they just put on auto moderation and no problems at all…

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auto moderation is worse than normal moderation
i would rather wait a few hours to upload something over getting a false ban and having to wait 24 hours for them to read my appeal

Please let us know if you are still experiencing this. This issue should be resolved.