How to get rid of black bar on characters

I found this cool fricklet body from road to grambys, but i want it to look like in game fricklet.
This black bar is in the way and idk how to remove it.
Ik its to make it “family friendly” but come on the character in-game does not have this.

Unfortunately, it is a modesty layer and cannot be changed unless policies shift.

I mean it is easy to bypass for example buying one of those transparent pants I assume; or retexturing the model if it is embedded within a mesh. But, I advise you DON’T change it as the comment above me said, because this is Roblox’s modesty layer and you might break a policy if you do change it. So no harm, in using the character as it is.

The lower torso modesty layer must provide full coverage from the avatar’s hips to the bottom of the groin and buttocks. Lower torso modesty layers can include clothing styles such as briefs, high-waisted underwear, boxers, or boy shorts that fully cover the buttocks.

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