How to get rid of repeating texture

Hey Im trying to make some pbr ground and tried to tile it but it looks repeated and unrealistic

Also tried to do some technique in blender but when I import the mesh into Roblox, it automatically changed into the repeated texture, can anyone help me, much appreciated

increasing the StudsPerTile property of the material will probably make it more natural.

idk is this what you mean?

By doing this It will looks like 1 Image and not many (spam).
bug if the quality is bad, well then blur

When making the pbr texture have you tried setting the material pattern to ‘Organic’?

Sorry for replying late but none of the way work, still appreciate for answering me

I don’t want to upload that image.
Why don’t you send the texture ID?

There is no practical solution for your problem, best what you can do is finding another texture.

Example of texture which wouldn’t look repeated


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I see thanks so much for helping