How to get rid of the Expand/Collapse button beside the chat box?

Screenshot 2024-05-12 224558

I think it’s a beta feature right? How can I make it to where it’s just the Roblox icon and chat icon? :sob:

i hate it sosmuch, i hate sho much, so much with my life, i hate it hate it!!!

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You can set the ChromeBetaFeature FFlag to False. This works only in Studio though.

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You can’t its part of the game, the dev game must be activated the beta feature of the new Menu icon

I see other games just have the chat button… and I am wondering how I can do that as well? i am talking about my own game btw lol, the screenshot in the first post is a game i am working on.

It is not experience-specific. Once you get it, it’s global.

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