How to get Roblox Group clothes through a script

I am trying to make a script that returns or gives me a list of all the clothes that a specific group owns.

I have searched around the web but that didn’t help me, i found 0 results.

I want to know if it is possible or no, if it is then how can it be archived. Thanks!

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i believe it could be possible by using HttpService

Okay but do you have an idea on how to archive it with HTTP?
I heard about catalog api but from what i read, i cant find a way to.

I have no idea, i dont use httpservice very often

Same with me. I don’t have much experience with HTTPService.

Use the documented Catalog Web APIs (although you’ll need to use a proxy (USE YOUR OWN PROXY!) to bypass trust checks) For example, HexDelta Studios.

With a script:

local HTTPService = game:GetService("HttpService") -- make sure HTTPService is enabled in game settings within Studio
local data
    data = HTTPService:RequestAsync({
        Url = "PROXYWHATEVER",
        Method = "GET"
-- data.StatusCode, data.StatusMessage, data.Body, data.Success, ...
if data.Success then
    -- handle success
    -- handle error

To note, though, this will be extremely easier in the future when AvatarEditorService is out of beta, since there is a SearchCatalog method.


Okay, the issue here i don’t have much experience with HTTP do you know how it the URL will be or something.