How to get start?

hi i am a dev, I started developing games but not making them public 1 year I am ready to make a game
I have 4 robux that I got from my small test games
I have some problems:

I am busy (I have school, and more)
I can only play 1h per day
I dont have robux to sponsor and I cant buy it
Tell me some tips and suggestions please because I’m too busy with school thanks!


You can use the time you have in school to think and plan out your game. Still focus on school, but also take time to think about what you’ll do for your 1 hour of making your game.

That’s alright. There are other ways you can promote your game:

  • Share it with your friends
  • Post about it on social media (Twitter, Youtube, etc)
  • Ask Youtubers to play it, you’ll have to ask small youtubers though

Friends. Small community servers. Word-to-mouth. Other platforms, if you can manage other forms of advertising.

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I suggest having an intrinsic motivation(like a hobby) rather than extrinsic motivation(for the robux).

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Ok thank you sir but or a small problem I don’t know how to create maps well

Ok thank you I will do as you said