How to get started on raycast blood?

How would I achieve or what in particular should I research to make a raycast blood effect like the one shown? I am also planning to do have the client render the blood through :FireAllClient() to allow for blood toggles.

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Well, as far as I can quickly observe, the person has multiple attachments located around different bodyparts which I assume is the starting point depending on which body part was cut open. Then they use some kind of curved particle emitter/beam/trail, not totally sure and then place a bunch of invinsible BaseParts “the finish points” which get randomly spread in a certain direction. Then once the blood effect has reached it’s finish point, a simple tween starts to make a big blood pool.

Edit* Oh yeah, might be shooting a raycast from the starting point to the ground in order to make sure they hit the ground. There is many ways of doing this.

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It’s not raycast, it’s using the LookVector of the HumanoidRootPart.CFrame as the projectile direction and it’s tilting it down a little by multiplying a CFrame.Angles() to it. Something like (root.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(0, 0, math.rad(10)).LookVector will get that slight downward emit direction (could be on X rather than Z, you’ll have to try).

The droplets are parts spawned into the workspace that are ejected via ApplyImpulse in the direction of the calculated LookVector, and they use Trails to create the red comet tails. A Touch interest will detect when they collide with something so you can show the blood splat.

The blood splats can either be flat mesh parts or decals. Mesh parts are probably better, and you can scale as necessary to show them spreading. You can also weld them onto players, etc.

To make them hidden on the client, you do not need to fire a message. Spawn all the blood parts in a folder, and have the client watch that folder with a ChildAdded connection, and as parts are added, just set their transparency to 1 or delete them entirely.

Couple follow ups. First, raycasting is for detecting parts in a workspace along a ray (vector). And second, something like this may not be allowed on Roblox due to it being gore.

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