How to get started?

Hi !
I am a dev, I started developing games but not making them public 1 year I am ready to make a game
I have 4 robux that I got from my small test games
I have some problems:

  • I am busy (I have school, and more)
  • I can only play 1h per day
  • I dont have robux to sponsor and I cant buy it

Tell me some tips and suggestions please
And thanks !


Move in game design support

Listen from ideas
watch how to code

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I know how to code and I listen to the ideas

if you need scripts go to support script I don’t even know how to create so we are the same xd

“If it is impossible, you’ll find a way”
(I got this quote from a poster one of my teachers has on their wall, lol)

I would try talking to my parents, but not much more you can do there.

I would recommend around 10k R$ to start a game, but you can always just start off by word-of-mouth, not very effective, but it can work. If you’re parents won’t let you buy robux, then mow some lawns, they can’t not let you use your own hard-earned money.

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I have 4 robux btw lol I am poor

Hello! I may have some things that can help you.

  1. If you are busy, I would suggest you to make a team (meaning that you would have a group of people on your team). This means you would be making the ideas (project manager) and others would execute it. However, it is hard finding another developer who will do this for free, but not impossible.

  2. Another suggestion is to make smaller projects that you can get done even with an hour to spare. My advice is to always start small when you start making games that you want to release to the public. Overtime, the games you are making will become more and more advanced.

  3. Some ways to get robux without paying for it is to find many of the donation games on Roblox (Please Donate, for example). It may take awhile, but I have already raised 200 robux from it by making t-shirts (they are free to make). Another thing to do is to look on Talent Hub and see if there are any jobs open that will pay you robux.

I hope this helped you! Good luck!

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Hi !

these games are bad I cant join it because my net is veryyyyy slow I tried them with slow net and get 4 robux

Thanks for replying!


people often say you can make a low-budget game, but if you’re really serious about producing a high quality game, you need some more money
you can do commissions (try to earn a ton more money - earned about 200k from doing some

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