How to get text shadows to stay with text inside BillboardGui

I want to have text shadows inside my text that’s inside a billboardgui. However, while it looks nice from a distance, getting closer offsets the shadows, even tho the shadows are children of the original text. So I would have thought having the shadows parents be the original text that it would stay within the text, but apparently not

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Make a clone of the same text, but it must be parented to its original text. For example, we want to add a clone to the textlabel. "So by doing it, make a textlabel parented to another textlabel. With the size: {1,0}, {1,0}.* Then, simply adjust its position how the shadow it would be. For the second textlabel, it must be the original textlabel’s color. So the first textlabel (you didn’t overlay on top of the textlabel), the color of is black. It’s black since it’s the text shadow.

Another method (Recommended)
Do the same thing to make the second textlabel parented to the first textlabel. This time, we will use Zindex. It’s how in Photoshops, all layers have a position. First position is always on top. Second position is behind. Make the second textlabel’s Zindex to 0 and adjust the textcolor to whatever color you want the shadow to be. For instance, it could be black because it’s what most text shadows are supposed to be. Then, the first textlabel should be the color you want the text colored in. Adjust the second textlabel’s position whatever you want it to be for the shadow to look. Make sure it’s not aligned with the first textlabel’s position. It wouldn’t create a text shadow.

That’s exactly what I am already doing. If you looked at the pic you would have seen that