How to get the best price of a limited item

I have currently written a script that can get marketplace information about a catalog item, but it cannot get the best seller price. How would I get the best seller price of a limited item?

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The best seller price is the default price. If you want to get all of the sellers then… that might be a bit hard.

using marketplace service to get the price of limiteds returns nothing, if its a limited u, it only returns the original price.

Well dang… the thing I said before would be the best answer. Just take the hard route and try to get every seller and filter to the lowest price.

so how would i go about getting all the selling prices of a limited item?

There are a few ways to do this. The first one being reading the HTML page of the item, and trying to find the price of it that way. The other way being using a third-party API, or an API wrapper.

One good choice would be using an API wrapper for the Rolimons API. I had made one a few months ago.
Accutrix/Rolimons: A module for interacting with the Rolimons website
With it, you could do:

local Rolimons = require(5168671797)
local Item = Rolimons.Get("Item")

function GetLimitedPrice(AssetId)
    local item =
    return item and item.BestPrice

No idea… I’ve never worked with anything that needs to accessed from outside Roblox Studio.

There was an error with the module, but it is now fixed and the script should work normally.