How to get the exact Orientation-Number of Camera?

Yes i already read things like:
But there is not the number coming out I want to see.

I need this number:


What number are you getting and which do you want?
The orientation in the editor is in degrees, but fromEulerAngles will give it to you in radians.
Convert between them using math.Deg(angleInRadians) or math.Rad(angleInDegrees)

Because it returns it in radians, you need to switch it to degrees.

local function radiansToDegrees(vector: Vector3): Vector3
local x, y, z = workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame.Rotation:ToOrientation()
print(radiansToDegrees(, y, z)))

The main unit for angle measurement in Roblox is Radians that’s why all angle functions return radians and it’s the same reason why you need to pass radians when calling an angle function (except some cases where it has been specified).

When printing Orientations of a CFrame, it will give the exact CFrame of the Orientation with Matrices, you need to convert them to XYZ using ToOrientation

local x,y,z = cf.Rotation:ToOrientation()

What this will do is convert the CFrame Rotation to a XYZ format, which would return as radians, math.deg() would convert it to Degrees.

Radians are sort of simple to understand, but complicated for exact numbers.

CFrame.Angles (in fact CFrame in general) uses Radians as a Unit of Measurement, which uses the number pi for things,

180 degrees in radians is exactly math.pi and 90 would be math.pi/2, while the full rotation (360) is math.pi*2. To get exact numbers in radians would be very tedious to do it this way, so we use math.rad to help us with work, if you want to do it manually, It would be x * (math.pi/180)

So if you ever saw math.pi/2 being used for something like this, thats why.

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