How to get the Mouse on a Dockable Widget Plugin?

I’m attempting to get the Mouse while using a Dockable Widget Plugin, but apparently :GetMouse() Can’t be used with dockable widget plugins.

Anyone know how I would get the mouse?

UserInputService is what you should be using. Its got everything you need.

I made an open-source mouse-emulating library on GitHub that purely uses UserInputService. Lmk if you have any issues, I’m a bad debugger lmao:

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This is a problem I haven’t solved yet but I know it’s coming in my near future. :slight_smile:

The tack I’m planning to take is to create a full-sized frame at the bottom-most Z index which is transparent & “Active”. Then I can listen for InputChanged events on that to detect when the mouse moves.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try that and report your results. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting a few weeks for me to try it and report my results. :stuck_out_tongue:

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