How to get the name of an Enum?

How would I get the name of an Enum?

Say I do this code,


It is a userdata, but I am looking for the name of the Enum.

Say the Enum is Enum.Status, I am looking to get “Status” out of it.

Hope I explained my issue well enough.

I believe you can find all the enums here:

I am not trying to find a list of enums, I am trying to based off say Enum.Status get the string “Status”

Literally just enum.Name :​)

Convert Enum.Status to string via tostring(), it should return 'Status'. Same works for any enum category.

If it is an item in an enum category, it should have a .Name variable.

Not all enums have that. Enum.Status certainly doesn’t.

They’re referring to enum items not enum lists.