How to get the player's camera?

Hello I am trying to get the SERVER SIDES PLAYER CAMERA

in my script the player PRESSED E TO PROMPT ON CLIENT SIDE which fires a remote event.

to have a SECURE GAME I check the position of the prompt by getting the player’s camera viewportsize and devide it by 2 so I can get the middle of their screen to see the closest prompt to their mouse (game is first person so mouse is always in middle)


From what I know it’s impossible unless you use a RemoteEvent with all of the values of the CurrentCamera
(I can already feel somebody has a better answer)

A client camera is never on the server. You aren’t keeping anything safe here, the user can’t edit his ViewportSize property without resizing the game so no need for all that. You can try to pass the camera’s CFrame and ViewportSize to the server and try from there.

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