How to get the position of toolbar icons?

How can I get the position and current tool in the toolbar icons?
I want to overlay additional image on top of them


Do you mean like the hotbar of your inventory when you have tools in your backpack? Since it’s a member of the CoreGui you can’t layer anything on top, nor can you read any of their properties. The closest you can get is to mimic the CoreGui by rescripting everything manually and/or with the help of the CoreGui inventory scripts. But what you’re trying to do is not possible by the developer unfortunately.

Is there a reason you can’t make an image that contains all of the necessary layers and then set this new image as the tool’s TextureId property?

Hello, does this also mean you can’t get the position of the default toolbar UI? I’m trying to position my health bar above the Y position of where the toolbar UI would be. Is this also not possible? I know you can do something similar with the mobile touch UIs.

Well the toolbar icons appear to always be 60px by 60px, and they are parented to a frame that is 70px tall, positioned at the bottom center of the screen. From that information, you should be able to position it correctly


Can confirm that they are statically sized, yes. We implemented this to position UI elements that should be anchored to the bottom of the screen so they won’t overlap with the backpack UI.

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So 60x60px and 70px tall across the board (all devices) I’m assuming. Thank you!

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