How to get the position of Topbar icons?

I currently have a clickable icon on the topbar which toggles the opening and closing of a page. I’ve managed to achieve most of this relatively easily, except from one thing: the positioning of the icon itself. I basically want to position the icon so its an equal distance to the right of the last core Topbar button.

Here’s my desired effect:

Here’s my current stage:

How would I go about getting the positions of all the topbar icons so I can achieve this? I would also need a way to check their visibility as some developers may have disabled some core GUIs.



You can enable the CoreGui explorer in studio settings to check the positions. You can also get the transparency using this , or use this to check if a component is enabled

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Do you know a way to get these positions in-game? For example, the position of the HD Icon will need to change in-game every time a core GUI is enabled or disabled (i.e. if the Playerlist was disabled, then move the icon to the right of the Chat icon).

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I don’t think that’s possible currently as the signal has an elevated context (CoreScript only)

You could periodically check using Get but it’s not the most efficient thing to do

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it’s a bit strange as to why they’ve elevated the context for that - I can’t see any obvious reason for that?

Thanks for your help. I’ll give your suggestions a go.

Yeah, it’s a bit odd ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hopefully it works :+1:

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All images in the topbar are,50,0,36) for size and all have a 50 offset on the X axis so, settings is at 0,0,0,0 chat is at 0,50,0,0 backpack 0,100,0,0 and your ImageButton should be at,150,0,0)

Size =,50,0,36)
Position =,150,0,0)


@ForeverHD Might wanna set the post to solved seeing as it got answered. :eyes: