How to get this type of 3D texture?

Hi everyone, I just have a quick question on how to get this kind of 3D textures?
I found this low poly image on Google and I would like to make my 3D world in the same genre as this because I find it really pretty. Any idea how to get those green polygons as leaves on the trees?

This is the corresponding image:

Thanks by advance!


its a model made in blender there u can make such models

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I haven’t made those kinds of leaves before but I think you’d have to use the hair emitter and render the hexagons as an object on a UV sphere in Blender - just checked and it doesn’t work

And yeah, as the others say, just use Blender.

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When you create a model in Blender It automatically creates a 3D texture. Use Blender

I don’t know how to use blender. But in Roblox, you could set reflectiveness of the leaves, and also in lighting you could tint the light coming from above and below. There are two colors you can adjust for that, to make the top bright and the bottom darker.

Just ideas, I am not a modeller unless I am forced to do it. :slight_smile:

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The 3D effect of the leaves isn’t a texture rather extra geometry. Here’s a video that explains how to achieve this. Skip to around 5:45 for the leaves. As suggested by everyone else, you’ll need to be familiar with Blender. If you aren’t already, I highly suggest learning how to use the application if you want to go into modeling as it is an invaluable tool.

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