How to get thumbnail of catalog items using the item’s assetId

I am making an accessory shop for my game that will let players equip items from the roblox catalog.
I want to be able to add new items to the shop just by typing the assetId of the item. Is there a method or API that will let me get the catalog items’s thumbnail, name, price, etc from an assetId?

I want the item’s catalog thumbnail for the shop UI so I don’t have to make my own decals for every item.
If there is a good way to do this (I’m sure there is as I’ve seen games using this feature) some examples would be appreciated. Thanks


This should help you:

More specificly this one:


Do I use this format as the url in an image frame?

Yes this should be put inside an image frame.

I dont mean to bump, but this seems to return a 404 error for me.

I remember this working a few months ago. This is also with all the other image endpoints.

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This post details the correct way of retrieving an asset’s thumbnail:


  • rbxthumb://type=Asset&id=9797261664&w=420&h=420 will point to the thumbnail sized 420x420 for an Asset with the id 9797261664.
  • rbxthumb://type=BadgeIcon&id=2124439922&w=150&h=150 will point to the thumbnail sized 150x150 for a BadgeIcon with the id 2124439922.