How to get tool to lineup with hands

First thing, I do NOT want to use a tool editor. Needs to be scripted manually, using ideally the righthand grip + an attachment in the bar or something


change the handle’s attachment’s position/orientation, there’s no need for scripting

You can equip the tool, go on server and mess with the tool grip values until you find the wanted result make sure arms are locked by an animation so they don’t do weird stuff.
EDIT: all of this can be done in testing mode while on studio

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Is there an easier way? The grip properties are really wack, and half the numbers can’t be used and they just get reset

You can use a plugin I love to use by CloneTrooper (it is safe) called Tool Grip Editor I think it costs 50 robux it saves me alot of time though

The other ways are even worse, I usually rewrite the whole property instead of adding numbers to the single parameters so like: 0, 1, 0 gets deleted and I directly write 1, 0, 0

Why don’t you want to use a Grip Editor? If I would be you I would take a Grip Editor, copy these crazy numbers and paste them in your script. (Would be my Idea)

Cause the character has an animation, so the grip editor doesn’t really help. As I’ve lined up the tool in grip editor to be perfectly in line with their arm, but with the animation it doesn’t line up