How To Get UGC Limited RAP

I am trying to get the RAP of UGC limiteds, but I am unable to find a way to do so. Formerly, I used[ASSET_ID]/resale-data to get the RAP of a limited, but that only works with tradeable limiteds. I tried referring directly to the Economy V1 API documentation, but that returns an error 500. Attempting to view Economy V2 API doesn’t error, but it also doesn’t list any documentation. How can I determine the RAP of a UGC limited?

Also, I’d like to know if Roblox has a replacement page for It was used as an API documentation hub but was removed ever since the API update.

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I think Rolimon’s has some sort of API which does this, but I may be wrong

I can use this as a last resort, but I most prefer to use Roblox’s own API.

I don’t think so, but roblox has a bajillion UGC limiteds so i don’t think there is