How to get vector 3 min and max for region 3 from a object

  1. I don’t quite understand how I can get the min and max from an object cause I’m not very good at math. I watched some tutorials on region3 and look at some topics on the devform but couldn’t find the answer so if someone can explain it to me that would be nice.
  2. Trying to get the min and max from this

Use :GetPartsBoundsInBox() instead, it’s a much better alternative of findpartsinregion3 (also might be deprecated soon) and easy to use, and you can use a part’s cframe and size directly:
workspace:GetPartsBoundsInBox(part.CFrame, part.Size, overlapParams)

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I know you can use that but I’m trying to learn this because I think it might get deprecated soon.

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You can get the Min and Max vectors by creating 2 vectors from Size vector divided by 2 (With one of them being inversed.) and transform them to world coordinates by using the Position CFrame:

function ToMinMaxVectors(self: Region3): (Vector3, Vector3)
	local Position: CFrame, Size: Vector3 = self.CFrame, self.Size / 2
	return Position * -Size, Position * Size
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