How to get your game out there

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So i have been deveolping games on Roblox for almost 5 years now. But i always struggle to get players to stay inside my game… Sure i have spent a lot of Robux on ads XD. But i cant seem to get the players to stay inside my game. They mostly just visit and 1 minute later leave. I have almost tried everything like: Sponsoring your game, Advertising your game. And adding tags into the description.

I have also tried a lot of different game genres like: Simulators, Tycoons, Fighting games, obbys. and so on.

So. Im asking… HOW do you top devs get and keep the players inside your game(:?


Im assuming you’ve made a unique game, Definitely add events and constant updates, people love games with constant updates and games that are different among others, Lets say you made a game about everyone being a cup of water and the last to get knocked over wins points, you must add new content to the game like new maps, new things to buy with the currency you get from winning, leaderboards to make people more interested, I think its just lack of content, hope this helps!


Hmm… I have never thought of adding events. I’ll try that. Thanks for the reply by the way(:slightly_smiling_face:


I have a couple suggestions to get your game booming and out there.

  • Start With a Small Crowd first, eventually they’ll invite people and tons of people will come.

  • Constantly add updates, people love games with new updates, it makes them more satisfied and entertained.

  • Discord and Advertisement, Make a Discord Server and look for some members, You can make roblox advertisements, just find a good GFX artist and they can make it persuade people into joining.


I think you just need some attractive thumbnails/icons for your game. Maybe hire a gfx designer.

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Take up game topics never seen before on roblox. Then make sure you actually have fun playing your game and the quality shouldn’t be a thousand free models stacked on top of each other (no offense but my friend got a crown for a free model game he made ;-;). Try going for low poly and make sure your game has a lot of functionality but it’s optimized at the same time (no, if you have one doesn’t mean everyone has a top line i9 3080 pc). Taking care of lighting and adding a settings Gui to toggle settings such as shadows, animations and other things that can probably lag is a good idea. Also add good guis, nice lil rendered thumbnails and a good game icon, if you have a story game make sure the dialogue boxes have a typewriter effect (should be toggleable in settings) as they’re just so ez after the MaxVisibleGraphemes update.

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add sales, events, go into the game sometimes and interact with the players, and update alot, make sure to also send messages to the notifications tab if a player follows your game they will get the notification that the game got an update/event


So the problem is you can’t keep people in your game.

Players have thousands of games to choose from at the click of a mouse. If a player is joining a game with 0 active players it’s quite likely their expectations are going to be very low and so they won’t put much time into exploring it.

This means you gotta catch their attention and catch it fast! Give them a reason to stay. Is your game at, its core, fun? Is your game pretty? Does your game have a USP (unique selling point)? Could you incorporate systems that reward players for spending time in and returning to the game?

  • Make your game original, fun, and engaging.

  • Post about your game on the DevForum and social media.

  • Advertise, advertise, advertise.

  • Update it frequently.

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There’s a search bar for a reason, please research before making topics that have already been answered. Educating those who don’t know yet, nothing wrong.

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I mean your only a member not a moderator.

Dude, come on, let him aspire to be a discord moderator.

@WITTHY you need to make one player feel comfortable with the game, you need to avoid that when the game has 0 players, playing the game would be impossible to do so since you need other people.

People (kids) don’t usually ask their friends to come to a place they just met to play the game, and if it needs 8 more people, the more players it needs, the worse the experience it is. It would be different if your server was many, but it’s few.

Add bots to the game, allow players to have some sort of interaction with someone that doesn’t make it feel lonely, even if it is bots. People play gta v singleplayer because there’s a lot of things to interact with, you don’t really imagine the game being the same with no people anywhere. People want to avoid loneliness, when they don’t its a flexible topic (either introversion, anti-social behavior or anything else).

What you want to do is have a quality of an audience, yes, you have few players, but those few players make the game fun to those who experience it. There’s a lot of game design that needs to be put into account, if the game can be finished in, counting now, 2 seconds (or 10 minutes) don’t expect a huge audience since there’s not much to take time to play on.

  • Add bots that can make the game feel somewhat alive, bots could either be the ones that you fight in a murder mystery type of game, or the ones who attack you with their cars in a tycoon, pretending to be players but just being lines of code going through.
  • In the first (or many) days of the game, the quantity of players will be low, and make use of that, make those few who play have fun with it, once the quantity increases, the quality of each person decreases, one day your audience is small, so they’re trying to build a rocket to fly to the window of the house with what they know about the game or even trying to make a functioning transformers car, another day the audience is so big some people are doing my little pony cumjars with the pets you gave them. More people doesn’t directly correlate to better quality of experience, neither does less people.
  • And think that you’re not even close to the time of pioneering in roblox. The most successful games usually are 10 years old, not 2 years old. Your game can be succesful, it’s just not as easy as it was before.

I can speak from my experience and a lot of devs dont realize this but TikTok is a powerful tool for free advertisement.

I posted the main menu of my game and got 350k+ Views and 70k+ likes and its still going on today now unfortunately I added my discord link at around 50k likes and gained 200+ members so but during testing for a couple days it got to 5k visits and 100 upvotes so definitely learn how to utilize social media.

Well ironically my account just got taken down for whatever reason within that last couple minutes so now I can’t really back up what I’m saying if you wanted to see the video yourself.

Right, but which I still see nothing wrong with a quick education session, may you refresh my mind on what your point is?