How to give custom characters animations?

How can I give the custom character animations? it turns the player into the custom character but doesn’t play animations. Any fixes or solutions?

		if player.RandomValue.Value == true then
			local change = game.ReplicatedStorage.Characters.StarterCharacter:Clone()
			change.Parent = workspace
			player.Character = change


Might be because, the limbs of your custom rig aren’t the same as the roblox one. So what you could do is have AnimationController or copy the script inside the player that controls the animations but if the limbs aren’t the same as the roblox one you can’t use the default roblox animations and you’ll have to make your own animations. I hope this helped if you have any questions lmk!

Sounds like it would work the limbs are the same as the players but I don’t know how to make a animation controller. Mind telling me what I need to do? Thank you

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Press Play In Roblox Studio,Then Go To The Searching Bar Then Type Animate When Done You Should See Something Like Run, Walk And More Change The I’d Of It And Bam! If You Need More Details Please Ask!

OHHHH I think I know the issue. But I have no idea how to fix. So basically the original player is the only one with the animate script and everything else and the new player doesn’t. How can I duplicate the scripts into the new character?

Put The Animations In StarterCharacter Or StarterPlayer.

Hm still doesnt work ive been trying too research ways but they all either don’t work or have no animation support

–Try This, Put It In ServerScriptService.

Character.Animate.jump.JumpAnim.AnimationId = “rbxassetid://YourAnimationIDHere”

–Change jump, JumpAnim To, run, RunAnim, walk WalkAnim.

Do you mind showing me an image of the custom character?

I Was Assuming That He/She Didn’t Have A Custom Character.

Thanks for the help! I fixed it by adapting this script PasteBin

Thanks alot for the help! I fixed it by adapting this script PasteBin

No Problem! I’m Glad To Be Able To Help