How to give different points deppending of the tool used

I want to create different tools that each one gives a different number of points, coins… but I dont know how to do it.

Option 1:
Create int values inside of the tools for example one tool might have a multiplier of 2 and another one might have a multiplier of 1000

Then when you are giving coins to player do this inside the script:

-- Code to give coins
-- Example:
player.Coins.Value = player.Coins.Value + pointsAmount * tool.Multiplier.Value

If multiplier is 10 and pointsAmount is 8 they will get +80 coins

Do this for all your currencies

Option 2:
If you want each tool to give a specific amount of coins add a int value inside the tools called PointsToGive

Then do this:

-- Example
player.Coins.Value = player.Coins.Value + tool.PointsToGive.Value
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Option 3:
You can also use a Module Script.

local toolModule = {
    ["Test Tool"] = {
        Coins = 30;
        Multiplier = 1.5
    ["Test Tool2"] = {
        Coins = 50;
        Multiplier = 1.5
return toolModule
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I think adding values to tools would be better since it would be more easy to customize and change and would require less work

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