How to give teams players cash

I need help on getting a team and giving the team players Cash, all I really need is to know how to get the players from the team so any help would be my day!

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Try this:

local teams = game:GetService("Teams")
local Team1 = teams.NameOfTeam

for I,v in pairs(Team1:GetDescendants()) do
    local cash = [Cash value here]
    cash.Parent = v

Ok I will try that now, hope it works

local Teams = game:GetService("Teams")
local DesiredTeam = Teams:FindFirstChild("Team1")
local Amount = 50

for _,child in pairs(DesiredTeam:GetPlayers()) do
    --give cash here
    child.leaderstats.Cash.Value += Amount

Obviously, if you want to make it consistent, you might need a while loop.

Yeah, that works too. I probably should’ve stated :GetPlayers()

If you want to get all the players of a team, you can just use Teams:GetPlayers()

local Teams = game:GetService("Teams")

local Team = Teams:FindFirstChild("TeamName")

   for i, teamPlayer in pairs(Team:GetPlayers()) do

Also, just to let you know when I put the cash variable, don’t put a number make sure to put the leaderstats

Thank You All For Your Help! (it worked)

How come you said my solution worked and marked @Valkyrop’s reply as solution?

You cant clone a number.
Your code won’t work… you’ll need to make sure the players have either a leaderstats or any int/number value.

Yeah I actually Used @Valkyrop 's Code for the script

(Sorry For Misunderstanding)

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You realize that his code doesnt really work right? Because there is a mistake.

The code I gave you is 100% working and has always been working.

The solution should be mine, I gave you the working code.

I didn’t say clone a number