How to go about making a server-sided / input-based character system

So I’m trying to create a system where the player’s character is handled on the server and not controlled by the player’s network to prevent exploiters from changing walk speed, flying, removing instances, ect.

The problem that I’m facing is how should I pull that off with control modules and what’s the best way of sending/receiving the data without TOO much framerate loss.

So far I’ve tried using the :GetMovementVector() from the control module and sending it over to the server, but I do not know how I should be translating that info over to server’s humanoid to make them move in the direction.

Thanks in advance!

PS: Yes I’m aware server lag will cause characters to move slower given the server is under heavy load, that’s not what I am worrying about right this moment.

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You will need to rebuild the roblox character controller in a server script and disable the standard character loading process. Then you will need to make a local script that collects user inputs and send them to the server via remote event… Not an easy thing to do…

This is not a good idea. Even if the server is not under stress, players with a poor connection will have… issues.