How to group text labels

I’m making a new project for a tech group I work for, and there are about 15 text labels already, which makes it really hard to keep track of all of them. Is there any way I can group them together?

You could try storing them inside of a table, either by having them all inside a common folder to begin with or by inserting them into the table, like this:

local folder = --Wherever you have a folder with textlabels
local textLabels = folder:GetChildren()
table.insert(textLabels, whateverLabelYouWant) --For adding more

Then whenever you want to access one, you can interate through the table and retrieve the textlabel by name:

for i, label in ipairs(textLabels) do
    if label.Name == "WhateverLabelYouWant" then

Other than this, you can try storing them in a dictionary, but you’d need a specific index for each one (probably the name of each one). This would avoid the need to iterate through the table. Hope this helps!

You can use tag service. It allows you to group all labels into a virtual group