How to grow a group in 2023

I recently opened a roblox group to sell my clothing but I have no idea on how to make it grow and get sales, I used some ads to get some members but no one bought a thing, I used the funds I got from commissions when I was a 3d modeler so after the ads I got 4k robux, how should I spend them or what method should I use to grow it and get sales?


I feel the exact same, I’m stuck as well. What style is your clothing group? Maybe try following trends, anyways I’d like to see if anyone has a good answer to this

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i tried following trends with a kinda grunge group, it doesn’t really have a style

guess we’ll just wait until someone answers

I would have said advertisements, but considering they aren’t being displayed to players under the age of 13, the amount of people these ads would reach would be cut by about 29% (according to demographics released by Roblox). Only spend your funds on advertisements if you’re willing to take some risks.

My best answer is word of mouth. Tell all your friends to join, and have them invite their friends, who will invite their friends, and so on. Assuming they have similar interests and taste as you, they’re likely to buy some clothing. This is what my friend did; he messaged everyone on his friends list and gained 80+ members in a span of 3 weeks. Obviously, don’t force them to join if they don’t want to.

Regarding the funds, I recommend that you hold onto them and use it to publish the clothing items, because each piece of clothing costs 10 Robux to upload.


I’ve heard a lot about advertisements just wasting people robux recently so I’m not 100% sure