How to grow a obby?

I have been working on a obby for some time and got it finished. But now I need it to blow up somehow, how do i do that?
This is my game: “ Super Fun Easy Obby!✨ - Roblox
I know this obby is very average and doesn’t stand out but I have seen countless other games just like mine go from 20 active to 1k+. How do they do it?


Hi, just tried it out, yup as you said it’s just like the other obbies, although i think you did a pretty good work, it has a bunch of features so kudos!. I’ve also made an obby as my first game ever and i could never get more than 40 new players per day, without advertising of course.
The problem you have is that there are obbies that have been created since 2013 and “updated daily”, already on the front page and selling hundreds of thousands of robux, so they are way better positioned and roblox will prompt people looking for obbies to those first.
Dont be discouraged just keep grinding, make daily updates and pray to the algorithm gods.

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Try to prolong engagement - awarding players who finish the obby and letting them sabotage new players

Are new players not just going to leave early if they are getting sabotaged?

I guess I would just have to hope the algorithm will like my game.

There will be some who give up and some who desperately attempt to reach the end or pay for items to cause others to suffer
Either way you’re making more money from new players

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I remember there was a trend about two years ago, where players would utilize a stage where there are disappearing steps of a spiraling staircase and use that feature to hinder other players and make them fall.

It’s only one stage of the hundreds it probably offered and such a simple stage where you would normally just walk past and think nothing of, but the one who started it got massive traffic by popular influencer playing that obby, filming that stage where they annoy other players and linking the game. It’s so simple, but it either requires a ton of luck or a ton of money to get the right people to play it and advertise it further.

It is effective. I’ve been working with it for 3 years. Just try switching your icon, thumbnails and description and test the results a few times.

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The algorithm will not notice your game if no significant player activities are recorded. You can consider collaborating with video content creators though.

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I have thought of that but I don’t think a content creator can create content on a generic obby. Is 1k visits per day enough?

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It’s a cash grab. Come on. Perhaps make something with a soul.

Yes, it indeed is a cash grab.

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