How to half a number in studio?

Is there any math function or method anybody could share? Just a simple question, sorry if it’s an inconvenience.

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Just take the number or variable and divide by 2. Say the variable is X

variable = (X + 16)/2

local Number = x / 2


Change x to your number.

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Just use the / : num /= 2

That’s not necessary, because all you need to do is divide the number. The print will return the answer. (He was asking how to half a number.)

You mean the divide sign isn’t necessary?

This is what I mean to use. It will divide the number, then print it.

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Oh okay, makes sense. Is there any method to do this with players?

local Players = game:GetService("Players");
local AmountPlayers = #Players:GetPlayers();
local HalfPlayers = math.floor(AmountPlayers / 2 + .5);
print(AmountPlayers, HalfPlayers);

What do you mean by with players?

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Halfing a player count, like what is displayed above.

Just use math.round() to estimate the half amount in case you want to exclude any decimals (.25, .5, etc), otherwise you can just do print(Num / 2)

local function HalfNumber(Num)
    print(math.round(Num / 2))

HalfNumber(384.2938473) -- Should output back as 192