How To Handle Large Places with spectate functionality

Hello all,

I have a game, Survivor: Roblox, and one issue I have is players experiencing lag especially when they have a weaker internet connection. The scripts used in the game are perfectly fine and I am 99% sure are not the source for the lag. However, there is a lot of terrain and trees which I suspect could be the cause.

The terrain is Roblox’s terrain whereas the trees, for the most part, are MeshParts - I have also set most of these trees to “Automatic” for RenderFidelity.

The main objective is to find a way to improve this. I have looked into doing a “chunk loader” or using Streaming Enabled but, because I allow players to spectate other players, this wouldn’t really work as it would look like some players are “floating”.

Streaming Enabled, to me, felt like it created more lag when I tried that as well.

So, if you have any thoughts about this, I would love to hear them. You can also play the game for yourself (if you wanted to) here >>


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