How to have a clock / stopwatch that synced between the server and the client?

I have a number that goes up every second, and I’m trying to make it synced between the client and the server, but for some reason the client is slightly ahead of the server, could someone quickly help me out?

Here is the place:

place.rbxl (21.5 KB)

Can someone please help me out?

Please ignore my dumb variable names.

this is what I have for you:
place.rbxl (21.7 KB)
it has a fixed timer and will always print out the correct time even if a player joins after the game starts.

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This might be of interest to you.Timer Module - Manage timers and their states at no cost

EDIT: This aswell Could Someone Please Explain The "TimeSyncManager" Module Made By Quenty?

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I think I figured it out now @AstroCode, @sniper74will.

Synced Tick.rbxl (21.9 KB)