How to have a successful roblox group!

Wanna create a successful roblox group? Already have one but it’s not going how you want it to? Don’t know what steps to take? Well then this post is for you! Hopefully this could be helpful to someone in some way.

Disclaimer: these are my personal tips and what I’ve personally seen work out for me and a lot of people but you don’t have to take them if you don’t want to.

The 4 most important factors to a successful group:
- purpose
- creation
- advertisement
- activeness

#1: Purpose
Obviously, if you are creating a group, it’s for a reason. Maybe it is just for fun, maybe it’s for clothing, or maybe it’s because it’s for game. Whatever it is, try to figure it out because it is important for how successful your group will get, the audience, and its activity. This will help you set up your group accordingly, and hire people if needed. I might be available in helping you create your group and even clothes, dm me if interested.

#2: Creation
Once you know what your purpose is, now you can have a design plan of the type of aesthetic you want your group to give off.

A good profile picture is really important, so I recommend to try and create one that you think would fit the overall group. It could be a gfx, your group name, anything really that you like and think fits. If you do not know how, you can hire somebody by finding one through the devforum or even discord. Otherwise, you can always just use a picture off google if you do not want to create one but just make sure it fits the overall group and that you are not stealing anyone’s picture/GFX. To be safe, try to stay away from stealing off the internet. I can create one for you depending on my availability and your requirements.

Also a good bio is crucial. It can be short or long, as long as you make all the group regulations clear. I can probably help you out with this if you would like, just dm me. You can give an overall summary of the group and its purpose, create rules, and even provide roles which I’ll talk more about further in the post.

#3: Advertisement:
Advertisement helps attracting people to your group and helps it grow as more people discover it. It can look different for multiple groups but here are some ideas on how to do it.

  • Through your game (if you have one)
  • Creating an advertisement on roblox (you can do this yourself or hire someone to do it, the more robux/money put in, the more your advertisement becomes popular and likely to be seen)
  • Through your clothes (if you sell some)
  • Through social media (discord server, tiktok, etc)
  • Through friends (they can help advertise for it)
  • Hire people to advertise it (I am willing to help you if you need it as long as I am not busy, you can reach out to me through the devforum or discord and we can talk about it more)
  • Through affiliates/other groups

#4: Activeness
You will probably notice that successful groups are the most active. After attracting people to your group, it is important that they actually stay in the group. An effective way for people to stay in your group is constantly be active in trying to connect with the people in your group, which is different for every group. I know it can be hard, especially when you’re busy, but being active doesn’t necessarily mean interacting multiple times a day, or even every single day. It could be daily, weekly, or even monthly in some cases, but you can’t expect group activity if you are not active in your own group. Here are some ways that most groups can use to stay active and allow your group to be interactive.

  • Roles depending on how much people interact/buy clothes, etc

    • roles can be added to make people feel like they are included and appreciated and also is good in encouraging buying clothes/activity in your group and even games
  • Daily Questions

    • Asking a daily fun questions makes people active in the chat and it is good in learning each others interests and opinions and makes room for good conversations.
  • Constant random Shout outs/Giveaways for being active/for buying clothes

    • Many people love being shouted out and feel seen when they are noticed in big groups. Robux giveaways also excite people and always make people as active as possible in order to possibly win. This will also make people like your group a lot more.
  • Asking your group for their feedback and what updates/things they would like

    • Not only does this allow your group to stay interactive but it also is good for you as they might give you good ideas, helpful tips, and may help you improve your group in some way, and overall shows you how much your group actually is liking it.
  • Replying/chatting to people!

    • Talk with your group so they feel like you actually like, care about, and appreciate them. Contributing in the chat makes them feel heard when they have opinions. Another tip is to delete rude comments and scammers and give warnings and kick them out so no problems start in the chat.
  • Announcing/making updates

    • Making plans, improvements, updates, new additives, or even surprises lets your group get excited for them and constantly look out for them. This could be like new game updates, new merch/clothing released, roles, etc.

Thank you for reading through if you have, I appreciate it. I really hope this benefited at least one person.


Is that even allowed?

Okay, I might do that once people actually talk in my group

thanks for this


I actually do not know if robux giveaways are allowed or not but I’ve seen people do them. Good luck on your group!!