How to have good lighting?

Hi, I’m creating a Parkour game, but so far I can’t decide which lighting to use. Now I have the compatibility lighting, but the problem with this is that the colors are too light, for example I put a purple piece on it but it comes out half pink. So I don’t know which one to choose anymore, I want one that has good lighting like the Compatibility one but doesn’t change color. Any ideas?

I would like lighting like this:

But I don’t know how to configure it or what kind of lighting to use.

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Maybe you can add some PostProccessingEfects. Play with them, and you will probably get the right order.
I recommend to play first with the ColorCorrectionEffect.

Please use English title next time.

Maybe use future or shadowmap lighting?

I think the lighting is fine for what you are going for, and a game like this would attract a younger player-base keeping the lighting on compatibility would make sense for performance reasons since they most likely will be on weaker devices.
If you really don’t like how it looks you can always change around stuff with a “ColorCorrectionEffect” like the post above me suggests, here’s how to set it up: