How to have list objects perfectly aligned within a frame

Hi, I am wondering how to get images in this case to be perfectly aligned within a frame and scale down in size, while keeping their padding.

I want these 4 labels to scale down in size, but keep the padding and not extend outside the frame.

What it should maintain:

What happens:

Edit: Group Information.rbxm (6.4 KB)

Table layout is doing what I want, but it’s manipulating all children so text scale is not bound by the size and position I set the text frame at.

From what you’re trying to accomplish, I think your best bet is to use UIGridLayout, as that automatically maintains the size and position of any children objects in the GUI.

I recommend playing around with the CellPadding and FillDirection variables if you intend on using UIGridLayout.

Hope this helps!

The UIGridLayout wouldn’t scale, though. It’d just end up creating more horizontal rows, and the buttons would never scale down with the parent frame (if you aren’t using scale in their size).

@Blue101black I’m not sure what exactly your text issue is, could you explain it a bit further?

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UIListLayout is the tool for the job here. What are your settings for the UIListLayout’s Padding property? How about the child text boxes’ Size?

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So the text is the same size as image label it’s inside, even though I’ve given some offsets.

@blobbyblob Text size above, padding below.

The frame that everything should be contained in. @EmeraldSlash text should look more like that.

Here is the UI: Group Information.rbxm (6.4 KB)

I think I fixed it just by putting in a UITableLayout. Didn’t need to change anything else, although just to improve the text space available I halved the horizontal text padding from 32 to 16.

Group Information.rbxm (6.5 KB)


Thanks a lot! Yeah, I wasn’t putting the buttons in another frame, that seems to do it. Well done :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah, the UITableLayout is pretty confusing. Best to read up on constraints before you use them, I guess.

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When scalling and position texts, images, frames, etc… Use ONLY Scale and 0 on Offset. It can allow you to scale perfectly and you should not get this problem! If you have problems when correctly scalling, use plugin AutoScale GUI

I hope it help you!

The issue was solved over a year ago. Also, there is a time and a place to use both scale and offset.