How to have players stay inside a model when it is tweening?

Wait a second! Trying using the players run speed as the speed of the model.

This is how the player reacts to it being only 100 speed.

I think you actually fixed the problem! All you have to do so it doesn’t get close to the window and possibly glitch out is to add an invisible wall/forcefield to both window sides and the player should stay in.

No, I have not solved the problem. The ride looks terrible as of now, is no fun, and this is at only 1/5 of the speed it needs to go.

Try making the speed 200? That’s probably the fastest it can go without the player glitching out or whatever. If it glitches at 200 then try 150.

Suggestions on making it look fun
If you want the ride to be fun the probably decorate the outside like an aquarium ride and make the model transparent!

By the way is the ride going up? Or is the ride going forward?

Neither. It is going in a full loop. Players have orbital gravity in my game, so there is never an “up” or “down”

They can walk anywhere in the sphere

So if they walk in it they go that direction is what your saying?

Ok, so I added a seat really quickly. It allows the player to stay in at any speed, but glitches the model up instead. Here’s a video. The player stays in the shuttle, but the shuttle completely leaves the tracks. (this is at full 500 speed).

My only guess is that somehow the players weight is affecting the body movers.

Because it’s too fast or the seating doesn’t match the speed level as the model. That’s what I think because it’s going all over the place!

My only guess is that somehow the players weight is affecting the body movers.

Well this also could be affecting this happening because of how strong the player is and how weaker the model is. Depending on it’s material decides whether or not the player matches the weight of the model to stay inside. Or it could be because the player is R16.

So maybe try lowering the player’s weight a little bit not too low. This is to see how it would react.

I’ll try making their humanoid root part massless for the duration of the ride

Ok. This could help a little to stop the player from glitching!

Nope doesn’t seem to do anything.

Oh… Maybe making a script to where the player’s whole body stays attached to the model (Such as the HumanoidRoot) staying with the model and keeping it R5. Add the same speed as the model is moving to the seat. Try this and I may edit this if I get more ideas!

Ok, the highest it can work is at 200 speed, which I think is what i’ll have to settle for as it seems there aren’t any other options as of now. If anyone knows of a different method please do let me know though, as i’d love if I could have this go faster.

Ok! Well I have tried my best with this problem i’ll let you know if I have thought of any other known ways to fix this.

Have you even had a look at the previous link I posted? It deals with Anchored Parts as well.

<Jailbreak train platform system?

Your issues are because you are moving an Anchored item with CFrame and the Player doesn’t move that way.
You could try Parenting the Model to the Player as well, but if you have more than one Player in there it could get messy. I don’t know if you Parent the Player to the Model.