How to have players stay inside a model when it is tweening?

Did you try anchoring the players character in the model?

Yeeah, I tried that and it did not work.

You could try and tween it on the client instead.

I’d recommend using a Body Velocity, players won’t stick to tweeted models. But players will indeed be able to sticked to a physics object.

I saw this a while back. It may help.
<Jailbreak train platform system?

Try adding seating to it?

If you want to try to stand in it

It’s eiether you add an invisible forcefield around it or just anchor the player with the model and have the model move slower because on the video it looked like it was going fast!

Yeah, So I have tried adding seating to it, and basically it allowed players to stay connected, but then caused the movement of the shuttle to take a bunch of weird turns and bug out. I know the speed is definitely a problem, though I can’t really make it slower, as it is a main transport in the game. In 20 seconds it can cover the distance a player takes 7 minutes to walk

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Oh. I took a closer look at the video and I think I know the problem. You can’t walk close to the window part or it will glitch you out of the moving model!

It’s not that i’m walking close to the window. As soon as the model starts moving, it flings me against the back and I glitch out.

Maybe also try connecting the seating to the exact same route as the model?

Hmm. I have a few questions!

  • Did you walk in the model?
  • What is the speed level at?

This could be happening because it is not made for walking in and could be glitching because of this.

Possibly it’s the wrong type of shape and the window is open for a player to glitch through.

Here is how fast it goes. It takes a player 7 and a half minutes to walk the same distance.

I have also switched to using body movers rather than tweening

The speed of the velocity mover is the look vector multiplied by 500

script.Parent:WaitForChild("BodyVelocity").Velocity = -script.Parent.CFrame.LookVector * 500

Does this go in a loop? The player could be glitching out because it is a space that it can go through. By the way, from me looking at the first video it looks like one of the parts is a walkthrough part!

It does go in a loop, and all the parts are collidable

I recommend using a speed of 300.

Oh. Is this anchored or unachored? Because it must hold together so it’s closed tight and the player would just stay inside.