How to hide selection box

Hello, I have a simple question
I am placing this bones into this cup and I want them to look like they are colliding with the cup borders, as gravity should normally do


So as In the image you guys can see, its really close to the border so, lets move it a bit closer

But when selecting, the selection border completely covers the mesh and cant see how close or far it is, I have to move, deselect, select, move, etc. I lose the little detail information and for sure cant perfectly line it up with the cup instead I do that tedious process

So my question is, is there any way to quickly and efficiently hide the selection box? Or, in other case, is there any other way to do this millimetric process in a more efficient way?

Any information and help is appreaciated

You can turn collisions and constraints on, then drag the bone till it collides with the pot. Constraints will make it act like its actually falling against the side. Just make sure to turn those settings off when you are done.

Hey, this doesn’t work, atleast not in a small situation like this

In a big scale, it work fine only with collisions :
When I turn the constraints on it stops moving

Whoops! So you also want to unanchor the part when moving with constraints. If the part you are moving is a mesh, make sure its collision type is precise when you are moving it too.

I get your point, but Im not trying to make this literally physically working, I want to make the illusion the bones are resting in the border, not literally resting in the border, precise collisions take many resources and also I don’t want people or any force to be able to move the bones, I just want to be able to move my bone in a really millimetric scale without being blind by the selection box.

And also, with this solution, the collisions just take it away cause as I said, its a really small modification, but that I have to face frequently during developing. Its about a little detail to move things without getting disturbed by the selection mark

You change everything back when you are done. You can re-anchor it, and set the collisions to box or what have you after its in place.

To answer your real question, there isn’t a quick and easy way to constantly change the selection box. What I’ve said is the quickest way to do what you want though.

In case that works, then it would be fine, but it will also take a lot of time
Precise collisions for cup
Precise collisions for bones
Collisions on
Constraints on

And then, invert the hole process

I’m looking for a more efficient solution, this can take less than 30 seconds for sure, but it isn’t really optimal don’t you think? more if I have to make this to 8 different bones. and then with another 100 meshes during the process
I really appreciate that solution but its not what I’m looking for, maybe if there is a keybind for hiding the selection box or anything that can let me see what I’m doing, its more about that, cause instead of doing all that process I can just do the select, move, deselect, select move and with some luck I will have it in 5 seconds
Thanks anyways

You would just change all of the meshes you need to interact with to precise collisions, unanchored them, turn on collisions and constraints, go through and move all the meshes, and then revert it when you are done with them all.

It’s pretty quick if you do it that way. Much faster than trying to manually move and rotate it to look normal.

To be honest I don’t really agree with that, but I really appreciate it, I will wait to see if someone else has a different solution

Maybe try making the bowl material to ForceField or lowering the Transparency (Maybe 0.1 - 0.8) So that you can see through it?
I have not encounter that kind of problem before, But it might helps.

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