How to hide some script for customer?

I’m doing my product and I need someway to prevent customers rewrite the code so then can use it for free,
I don’t know how to make it like nobody will rewrite script or Key Acces Checker,
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Are you selling an asset? I don’t think there is a way to hide code if you are selling your code / asset.

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You can’t hide a script on Roblox. Just host it on GitHub and add a license that best fits your project.

Nothing wrong with open-source.

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How do I do that ?

Nothing is wrong with open sourcing your code. It’s there for a reason. I would create a github repository. If you wish to know more and to go more in depth on how to create one I would look it up on the github website. This is a very reliable method to open source projects. It’s also better open sourced.

roblox used to allow third party modules but they have since taken it out due to security risks. So I suggest just giving them the code and they alter it at their own risk. They won’t gain anything themselves by doing so in any case.

You used to be able to put the scripts in a private module script uploaded to Roblox. However due to security risks mainly involving back doors/exploits this was disabled. Now the module must be public in order for other players to load it. In my opinion I prefer open-source code, however you could accomplish this by obfuscating the Lua code which you could place into a public module. However do keep in mind the downsides to obfuscating your code, it may make some developers suspicious of your product especially if it is new and isn’t well known as they wouldn’t be able to prove if it did or did not contain malicious code which in end would reduce your total profits.
– iialexidai

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