How to I enlarge the bubble chat?

I dont have any example code because I dont know where to stop thats why im here. I need to find a way to make the bubble of the bubblechat feature, bigger, like, a lot bigger, and not distance wise. The size of the bubble needs to go up.

I have no lue how to do this, if anyone has any knowledge with this please let me know!

You can change the font size of the chat in the chat settings.
You can read more about it here!

I wasnt looking for font size, I meant the chat bubble size like I said, “bubble of the bubblechat feature”
-Unless ofcourse font size does change the bubble size but I didnt think it did

Well, I don’t think thats possible.
You have to make custom bubble chat system.

Try playing with the ‘MaxWidth’ value, the default is 300 and the ‘Padding’ value, the default is 8.

local ChatService = game:GetService("Chat")

ChatService.BubbleChatEnabled = true

local bubbleChatSettings = {
	CornerEnabled = true,
	TailVisible = false,
	TextSize = 24,
	TextColor3 = Color3.fromRGB(220, 50, 50),
	Font = Enum.Font.Fantasy,
	Padding = 50,
	MaxWidth = 500,