How to I increase my visits?

Hi! I have made a game and it is a quite while since I made it. But still, it just has just 250 visits. I tried sponsoring the game, but it didn’t work. Please help me to increase visits. :frowning:


At some point, you’re going to need to advertise via the Roblox ad system so hopefully you do have some sort of budget set aside for that.

I also want to mention that you’re in a very competitive and oversaturated category of games on Roblox (hence why you’re curious why you only have 250 visits). There is an extremely high volume of obby games on Roblox so I believe it would be pretty difficult to find a lot of success but it’s not impossible. You may want to consider finding ways to distinguish your game from the rest of the other obby games on Roblox (i.e., why should someone play your obby over Bob’s Difficulty Chart Obby).


Got it I should make something unique.

The game thumbnail doesn’t look like a difficulty chart besides the text. Have the background be a picture of the gameplay so players know what to expect.

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Here is somethings I did to make my game go from 1k visits to 100k in around 5 months.

  1. Add Events (eg. Something popular, like finish a special obby for like a Among Us Speed Coil or something.)

  2. Add some tags in the description. Such as, “Obby, Hard Obby, Difficult Obby, Rage Obby”

  3. Sponsoring the game for 100 robux will not get it much of anything.

  4. Don’t give up, 250 visits is pretty good start compare to some of the game I’ve made in the past.

Upon joining, I noticed these things.

  1. The buttons on the screen is quite unappealing to look at.

  2. Most of these models are taken from the toolbox, such as the sky. (While is not against the ToS or anything, is just gives off a feeling that this game is lazily made.)

  3. Similar to 2, your Obby is too similar to alot of other Roblox obbies.

  4. Your Icon and Thumbnail is not appealing, Try to showcase your obby in your thumbnail or icon.

  5. Small things can change your game alot, if you ever notice a bug or anything go and fix it. You never know if it might ruin the player’s experience. I suggest as a start try to make when you fall to your death the respawn time is faster.

I wish you good luck on your Roblox Game!

Please don’t take any of this as discouragement or insults. I believe every game can get successful with dedication!


Would not recommend doing this since games such as Guesty now have a problem that they are basically permanently connected to Friday Night Funkin’.

That is game identity, the op wanted to increase his game’s player visit. That is irrelevant to the post. That is up to the op.

I’m giving the OP information on what may happen if they took this approach.

Roblox ad system never worked for me. I’ve always done it before and done like a small spike for a period of time and that’s it.

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This is how ads work, the ad only runs for a day (or a few days), you need to have a high quality game in order to retain those players.