How to I make a scrolling frame auto size and change it position automatically, like roblox default chat

Hello, I am trying to make my own chat, and I need help auto size and change it position of the scrolling frame automatically.

I have tried AutoCanvasSize and that just made the messages bigger as I added more messages.

I did find a post about just this, called “Auto scrollingframe adjuster making my UI squish?”.

There where 2 things I could not figure out:

  1. I could not find what this person meant by “scaling mode”:
  1. There was nothing there on changing it position automatically, I have tried it myself with the CanvasPosition, but when I changed it, it never moved.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know how to do this?

Hello, person from that post you linked. Heres how I fixed the issue. Go into the scrolling frame → automatic canvas size and set it to XY. It’ll autoadjust the scrolling frame. Keep in mind, this is kinda buggy with scale. So keep that in mind.


I know that much, but I also need to know how to change the position automatically. And There is a way to get around the buggness with scaling, but I just don’t know how.

Like what I linked in the post, this person says you need to set the scaling mode to RelativeXX" on the frame/message in the scrolling frame. But after looking, I can’t find a “scaling mode”.

That property is called GuiObject | Roblox Creator Documentation

To make the position change automatically you can use UIListLayout | Roblox Creator Documentation

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I have that, but I need it to keep its scale, not its position, but with the auto position, I am not talking about where the frames/messages are inside, I am talking about the CanvasPosition. I need to keep it at the bottom of the scrolling frame. Like roblox default chat.