How to Ignore Certain Items while Pathfinding

Hello all! I have been working on this pathfinding system that allows the players to move around using a GUI and, of course, pathfinding. However, I’ve run into a huge issue. When trying move through a door (the door swings, not cancollide false), the pathfinding won’t even try. I haven’t found very good answers on other DevForum threads, but I was wondering if there is basically a way to have a pathfinding script ignore the doors and walk right through them. Thanks for any help!

You can raycast them and put them on the whitelist table

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Maybe make the door temporarily uncollideable so pathfinding thinks the player can walk through?

Or you can put all swinging doors on the whitelist.

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I’m sorry, I’m terrible with raycasting, how would I do this?

That worked temporarily, and it did walk through it, however if possible I would like the doors to swing open…

Alright, figured out a solution. I made the doors CanCollide false and just made some tweened to open the doors. Thanks everyone for your help.