How to ignore mobile Thumbstick for custom camera

Im adding mobile and controller support into my game but i stuck while adding mobile support.
My problem is that the camera also moves if the player is touching / walking with the Thumbstick.
I searched the whole devforum but cant find any solution.

I mean this:

Im moving the thumbstick and the camera also moves.
I use UnserInputService and GameProcessedEvent does not detect the thumbstick as a button

You should only be allowing the camera to move when the touch input detected is not touching a GUI object

I know - but i cant figure out how to detect if the Thumbstick is being pressed because when i use the GameProcessedEvent Argument it wont detect the Thumbstick

In the default player module that Roblox provides if you dig through there and look inside the cameras scripts you’ll find a place where the thumb stick enables and disables the touch panning depending on a couple of circumstances

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Thank you!
I found a way to detect if its moving by editing the Controls Module

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