How to imitate the default player name overhead?

Does anyone know the right textfont, sice, border color, etc to copy the default player name?

Unfortunately the nametag above user’s heads are baked into the engine.

Yes but do you know how I can copy the style?

Is this for a GUI? Or why do you need the exact style?

I’m trying to make an overhead gui on top of the player’s head

At that point you might as well leave it as it is without needing to make an overhead GUI since you are looking for the default look anyway? Or do you have an actual use case in mind?

Obviously he has. Why would he make this thread and spend time programming something when he could just use the standard built in.

He probably needs it for like RP names or something.

But to answer the question @AvionicScript i’d probably just test out different fonts and sizes etc.

They probably haven’t oublished this «data»/info

I think the character’s name does that if you can remove the characters name it wont show up anymore

Sometimes newer developers don’t fully understand what they are doing so they ask for roundabout methods that could have completely been avoided by using built-in features that replicate the same behavior by default.

If this is for RP names then the new DisplayName property of humanoids can be used:

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Adding a humanoid to any model whether it’s a pile of bricks or a zombie will do the trick. Simply change the name of the parent ‘Model’ and boom bam bada boop :wink: