How to implement camera SCP: CB camera bleeding effect?

Hi there! I wondering how to make a camera like in following video:

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  1. I’ve tried viewing SCP: CB source code and It’s the only one I found there:
Select Rand(5)
							Case 1
								Injuries = 3.5
								Msg = "You started bleeding heavily."
								MsgTimer = 70*7
							Case 2
								Injuries = 0
								Bloodloss = 0
								Msg = "Your wounds are healing up rapidly."
								MsgTimer = 70*7
							Case 3
								Injuries = Max(0, Injuries - Rnd(0.5,3.5))
								Bloodloss = Max(0, Bloodloss - Rnd(10,100))
								Msg = "You feel much better."
								MsgTimer = 70*7
							Case 4
								BlurTimer = 10000
								Bloodloss = 0
								Msg = "You feel nauseated."
								MsgTimer = 70*7
							Case 5
								BlinkTimer = -10
								Local roomname$ = PlayerRoom\RoomTemplate\Name
								If roomname = "dimension1499" Or roomname = "gatea" Or (roomname="exit1" And EntityY(Collider)>1040.0*RoomScale)
									Injuries = 2.5
									Msg = "You started bleeding heavily."
									MsgTimer = 70*7

I didn’t found any topics on forums and thats why I’m writing this post. And I’m wondering is it even possible in roblox studio.


The closest way you can implement something like this is with viewport frames. You can repeatedly clone the parts into a viewport frame that flashes transparency like that, but it’ll likely be low in performance and resolution. I don’t recommend it.

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Yes, and as well viewpot frames doesn’t render shaders, shadows and etc.

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Yep. It’s not ideal at all.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

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This will become possible once the CaptureScreenshot cooldown is lifted.


Hey, thank very much for your respond. But I didn’t find ‘cooldown’ of capturing screenshots, can you please explain us what did you mean about ‘cooldown’?

Woah, I didn’t even know this was a thing! That’s extremely cool.

It’s evident by people using the API that capturing on every frame/heartbeat is not ideal. In one way or another, the captured image is the same in a 1 second timespan. I’m not sure exactly how, though. It could be yielding, erroring, or caching the image. So currently, it’s not possible to do the effect, but it may in the future!

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