How to implement terrain erode tool but for roblox triangles

Making a planet game and I want to make it so you can make the planet MADE WITH ROBLOX PARTS, NOT TERRAIN destructible, using an erode tool. What is the general idea of doing this or how can I create this?

You can change the terrain to air.

Yes but I want it to work with Roblox triangles, and if that is the correct way then if you replace the material to air, you will see the inside since the planet actually has nothing inside.

What do you mean the planet has nothing inside of it. Isn’t it a ball of terrain?

It’s actually a planet with part/roblox triangles.

So like a planet made out of parts? If so, you can cast a raycast of where the mouse is hitting. You can see if it is the planet, and Destroy some of the surrounding parts.

Ah ok, but the only thing I don’t know how too apply is to “destroy some of the surrounding parts”. Any ideas on how to make erode, that functions like the terrain erode tool?

By eroding, do you want the parts to change the size and become smaller?

Well, I’m not sure how it functions, but I know it’s as in breaking the blocks using the mouse which you can use for mining down.

Ok so for just breaking the parts, do what I said in the last post. Find the raycastobject and destroy it: