How to implement UI?

Hey! I’m just trying to implement a new and better UI for my Roblox game, so I’d need to hire a UI designer, I guess. The issue here is that I wouldn’t know how to get the UI designer to match with my current UI (scripts and remotes, for example), there is any common framework for this? Should I hire a UI designer who also has a minimal scripting knowledge (so they can successfully implement their UI in my game: without it failing or disrupting current UI/features). This is because stuff like health/stamina bars or loadout menu (which can be updated and changed in a future) are needed to be done.

Thank you for reading!

I don’t have much experience with this, but I would assume that it’s best for you to hire a UI designer strictly for UI design. While tedious, it’s probably best that you (rather than the designer) implement the artwork into your game as you understand the layout and structure best. This also implies that you should be as specific as possible when laying out the requirements of the UI structure to the designer, specifying structure, names, and stylistic attributes of the various elements. The less you specify at the beginning means the more extra work you (or the designer) will have to do in the future.

I don’t know of any framework that could help you with this. The implementation of UI can be so varied that I don’t see how one could create a framework that would help optimize this process, assuming that the developer freelanced the UI implementation from the very beginning and did not follow a specific standard. I could be wrong though, you should search around.

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