How to import a clean roblox r6 mesh to blender?

Hi! i just got to the devforum and I’m planning to make a game. I had a problem exporting a mesh to roblox studio from blender since it has high textures with animation. I’ve been trying to find ways to export it to roblox but still no luck, so I tried to weld it to a roblox rig but for some reason even if I tried all over again this happens to the torso.

it has these shady parts I tried a lot of tutorials and none seem to work please help :frowning: If you can so help me import this mesh with the textures and animation please help. :frowning:How to export stylized animated weapons from Blender to Studio?

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Hello fellow developer!!

So click the “Edit” Button, in the top left.

Go down until you see the word, “ Export”. Then a side prompt will come up.

Click “.fbx”.

(Name it)

I’m am terribley sorry. I cannot help cause you are tryna import. A. Rig.

Please ask somebody else. Sorry!!!

its alr thx for the tip have a gud day


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Sorry Again!!! Have a great rest of you’re day or night!!!

thx man, But do you have any tips for me since i’m tryna make a anime like game with anime like poly, if possible can you share some tips please :smiley:

Kreekcraft uploaded a video regarding this. ROBLOX How To Render Your Roblox Character In Blender For FREE!! (Tutorial) - YouTube

thx man this helped me SOO much I appreciate the help also, sry if I replied 1 day after

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No problem.

FYI; Remember to mark a solution if it comes up, haha.

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thx for reminding me, i’m not suing my real account since i might have problems later on in my life and trying to make one of the most best roblox anime poly game :smiley: